Monday, May 22, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Supergirl Season 2 [2017] Mon-El

Superman and Supergirl team up to save a shuttle which one of the exploding parts was manufactured by Luthor Corp. Both Clark and Kara visit Lena Luthor to question her about the shuttle. The DEO discover Lena was the target of the shuttle crash and she will be targeted again. They discover Lex Luthor hired John Corben to target Lena. Supergirl stops Corben and saves Lena. Later Kara decides to become a reporter like her cousin Clark at CatCo Worldwide Media. Corben was taken to Cadmus where he will be transformed into Metallo. 

Cadmus creates two Metallos for National City and Metropolis for Supergirl and Superman to handle separately. However Supergirl has her sister while Superman has Martian Manhunter to back them up. Cat Grant leaves Catco with Jimmy Olsen while Kara works under Snapper Carr.

Someone attempts to assassinate POTUS for giving aliens amnesty on Earth. Supergirl believed it was Mon-El however with the help of Maggie Sawyer they discover the alien responsible Scorcher. Martian Manhunter meets the last daughter of Mars, Miss Martian at an alien bar in National City. 

Maggie Sawyer and Alex Danvers find Miss Martian fights in an underground fight club for aliens owned by Veronica Sinclair/Roulette. Martian Manhunter is kidnapped by Roulette and pits him against Miss Martian who refuses to kill him. Supergirl arrives and Maggie Sawyer arrests her however she is released due to her connections. Miss Martian is later revealed to be a White Martian. 

Camdus gave robbers alien weapons so they can get the Alien Amnesty Bill appealed. Mon-El has a human identity as Mike Matthews and works at CatCo while James Olsen becomes the Guardian protecting National City. Alex Danvers comes out to Maggie Sawyer. Lena Luthor's mother is revealed to be the head of Camdus. 

Supergirl and Martian Manhunter take on Rudy Jones who is infected by an alien parasite. Manhunter loses blood and needs Miss Martian's who is secretly a White Martian to heal. James Olsen becomes the Guardian fighting along side Mon-El against the Parasite. Supergirl finally manages to defeat the Parasite using nuclear material. After Mon-El appears in public, he his kidnapped by Camdus. 

Camdus lures Supergirl with Mon-El as bait and confronts the real Hank Henshaw who has been turned into a Cyborg Superman. Supergirl gives up her powers by using her solar flare to save Mon-El so Camdus can extract her blood. Hank Henshaw uses her blood to access the Fortress of Solitude database on Project Medusa. Jeremiah Danvers frees both Supergirl and Mon-El The Guardian is framed for murdered by another vigilante while the Martian Manhunter discovers Miss Martian is a White Martian and her blood is slowing turning him into one. 

The Cyborg Superman obtains the Medusa virus from the Fortress of Solitude to remove all alien life on Earth. Camdus decides to use the virus however they are betrayed by Lena Luthor who makes the virus inert. Martian Manhunter is also cured using the same material that rendered the Medusa virus inert. 

Both Supergirl and Mon-El are stuck on another planet under a Red Sun with Roulette until the DEO arrives to save them. Later Mon-El decides he finally wants to be a superhero.

The trial of Lillian Luthor begins however Metallo breaks her out and frames Lena Luthor for the escape using the Cyborg Superman. While in prison Metallo breaks Lena out of prison so she can join her mother in Cadmus and rid the world of Kryptonians. Supergirl stops Metallo before he explodes and saves Lena. 

Both Supergirl and Mon-El search for Livewire who was taken from prison. Kara discovers the Guardian is James Olsen while Martian Manhunter saves Miss Martian who is mentally dying due to a psychic attack. Supergirl, Mon-El, and Guardian team up to save Livewire who spares her captor for freedom. Two White Martians hunt for Miss Martian at the DEO. Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, and Miss Martian stop them. Miss Martian leaves Earth to find other White Martians who feel the same way as her. 

Supergirl takes on Mxyzptlk who wants to marry her. She tricks him into writing his name backwards and sends him back to the 5th dimension. Cadmus is kidnapping aliens listed on the alien registry stolen by Jeremiah Danvers who is forcibly sending them back home. Supergirl asks Lena Luthor for help to find her mother and Cadmus so she can stop them. However the ship is launched with Alex onboard but Supergirl stops the ship. Kara Danvers gets fired CatCo after she released the news concerning Cadmus kidnapping aliens while Mon-El’s parents arrive on Earth. We discover Mon-El is a prince on his home planet. 

The Daxamites arrive using a portal built by Lena Luthor and claim Earth as New Daxam. Now the Super Team needs to trust Camdus' leader Lillian Luthor who suggests to use the Phantom Zone Projector to board their ships to rescue Mon-El and Lena Luthor. They are both rescued however Supergirl must face Superman who is under the control of the Daxamites using Silver Kryptonite. Superman attacked Supergirl believing her to be Zod. 

Supergirl challenges Rhea to a trial by combat. M'Gann returns with White Martians ready to protect the Earth. Supergirl activates the fail safe device to poison the Daxamites including Mon-El. She sends Mon-El back on the ship he arrived in. A flashback on the day Krypton is destroyed reveals a third child Reign who survived its destruction and its rocket headed towards Earth. 


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