Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Amazing Spider-Man [2016] The Clone Conspiracy

Following Spider-Island and Spider-Verse, Dan Slott wrestles with his third crossover project the Clone Conspiracy. The story begins at the funeral of Jay Jameson Sr. who died in the previous Amazing Spider-Man #19. Filled with guilt Spider-Man sneaks into New U to discover Miles Warren is back to cloning. Rhino and the new female electro arrive on the scene however Spider-Man is quickly subdued by the recovered Doctor Octopus who retains the knowledge of the true identity of Spider-Man is Peter Parker. The Jackal arrives with Spider-Man’s resurrected villains and heroes from the past as Gwen Stacy is revealed to be Spider-Gwen. Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen escape as the Lizard is sent to track them.

The Scarlet Spider kidnaps the missing Gwen Stacy so Horizon University can conduct some tests.  He also reveals Peter Parker and Miles Warren destroy the world. However the new Jackal is not Miles Warren but the deceased Ben Reilly who wants to bring back Uncle Ben with the help of Peter Parker. Ben Reilly takes Spider-Man to Haven where all the clones he created resides. In Amazing Spider-Man #23 Peter and Gwen Stacy has a chat about their relationship. Peter reveals Gwen is not his Gwen who died at the hands of the Green Goblin. This moment leads Peter to the decision of not resurrecting his Uncle Ben. The events leads Ben Reilly to kill Peter while Doctor Octopus destroys the clones leading them to transform into Carrions. Spider-Man releases an inverse frequency to reverse creating the Carrions.  


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