Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Inhumans Vs. X-Men [2017]

Following Death of X, Emma Frost made it look like Scott Summers died by the hands of Black Bolt however he was killed by the Terrigen Mist. Frost wants the last remaining Terrigen Mists to be removed from Earth and recruits Magneto and his Uncanny X-Men, the All-New X-Men, the Hellfire Club, and X-Haven. Hank McCoy needs to find a cure for each mutant as the Terrigen Mist affects each one differently.

Beast reveals the Terrigen Mists has reached a saturation point where the Earth will become uninhabitable for mutants in two weeks. The choice is to leave Earth or to fight. The Beast knows the Inhumans have a battle plan however so does Emma Frost. The X-Men vote to destroy the Terrigen cloud. Emma Frost takes down Black Blot while Jean Grey puts Karnak in a mental loop as the rest of the X-Men attack New Attilan. In Uncanny X-Men #16 Jean Grey and the Stepford Cuckoos keep Karnak distracted with a mental loop. The X-Men attack New Attilan while Magik teleports the Inhumans to Limbo. After the Inhuman heavy-hitters were taken to Limbo, Iso and Inferno contact Ms. Marvel to recruit more Inhumans to stop the mutants.

The Inhumans escape Limbo and rally against the X-Men at the final site of the Terrigen Cloud. Medusa discovers the mutants are dying due to the Terrigen Cloud. She decides to destroy the it and save the mutants. Emma Frost becomes a villain again as the White Queen and the Inhuman are having elections for the first time in 200 years. 


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