Friday, March 10, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Kong: Skull Island [2017]

Following the end of Vietnam, John Goodman takes a military escort to Skull Island hoping to find something before the Russians. Skull Island is where ships and planes are missing or destroyed in the South Pacific. They arrive on Skull Island and encounter Kong. After the incident it is revealed the main purpose of going to the island is to acquire proof monsters exist and they will soon come back to rule the world.

The group is divided into two where one meets the natives while the others fight their way to the northern part of the island to meet with the resupply team. We discover the Skullcrawlers are indigenous to the island and Kong attacked the expedition team because he didn’t want to wake up the biggest Skullcrawler.

The film ran out of gas in the third arc. The two groups finally unite and separate again with one group prepared to take on Kong as the biggest Skullcrawler arrives within the last 13 minutes of the film. The movie had a great set up but fell flat at the end. Post-credits scene would have been great if the expedition survivors saw the cave paintings of Godzilla, Rodan, and the other monsters. It would given more weight to the film when it was needed. Kong: Skull Island is the second film in Legendary Pictures Monsterverse. 

Godzilla Vs. Kong will arrive in 2020 however I rather see Kong and the Planet of the Apes. The movie will be about two superpowers overcoming their differences to fight a common enemy. 

Things worth mentioning:
Brie Larson’s character touching Kong’s face unnecessary
- Samuel L. Jackson seeking revenge seemed predictable and pointless
- Kong looking at Brie Larson character being held by Tom Hiddleston as if he realizes she is with someone and him turning away thinking he should be on Tinder
Five actors starred in Marvel films. 
Nick Fury, Captain Marvel, Loki, Doctor Doom, and Nova Corps from Guardians of the Galaxy