Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Divinity III [2017] Heroes of the Glorious Stalinverse

In Komandar Bloodshot, Project Rising Spirit takes on both Project Rampage and Livewire before destroying the bunker where the rebels were residing. The origin of the Red Legend is told as a girl who obtained powers and was recruited by Myshka years later. 

In Aric, Son of the Revolution, the X-O Manowar takes on the Deadside after their invasion on Red Square. Aric takes the fight back to their turf and faces Master Darque while delivering a payload from the Soviet Union. The origin of Kostiy, the Deathless begins as she was a general who touched a meteorite and became infected. She sheds her body once a month to become energy.

In Shadowman, Jack Boniface attempts to stop the Russians from invading New York however he is met with resistance from both Komandar, Bloodshot and Aric. He is defeated and captured by both of them who wants him to serve Russia. 

In Escape from the Gulag 396, Archer is taken to prison and the warden wants him to talk to Armstrong to play nice with others. In exchange the warden will give him anything Archer wants. Archer succeeds and he wants Armstrong to be freed instead of himself. 


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