Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Superman [2017] Multiplicity

The Multiplicity leads into the upcoming Superman Reborn where the events of DC Universe Rebirth unfolds. Superman discovers the Soviet Superman who is pursued by alien gatherers wanting to collect him. They defeat them and meet with the Justice League Incarnate who reveals the gatherers are going after the new Super-Man Kenan Kong. The gatherers capture and escape with Kenan Kong while Superman joins the Justice League Incarnate to rescue him. 

Superman meets the Justice League Incarnate onboard the House of Heroes. He encourages them to gather the Supermen from other Earths to protect them from whoever is collecting them. Superman uses his counterparts as bait to lure the villain who is collecting the Supermen. The Supermen stopped the Prophecy however he is secretly taken away and imprisoned by Mr. Oz. 


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